Imagine your world without usernames and passwords

Say hello to ZoID
Say goodbye to usernames and passwords

Introducing the only biometric technology that allows you to log on to your favorite websites without having to remember a single username or password. Did we mention, it's hack-free? Now, you can shop and surf safely on your smartphone and computer from anywhere around the world.

Free to Use

Our ad-based version keeps this application free to use. Forever.

Easy to Set Up

Using our IVR guidance for full authentication, you'll be up and running in no time.


With features including GPS Tracking for Predictive security, you'll not find a better solution to protect you.

Safe & Secure

ZoID eliminates (not manages) usernames and passwords. There is virtually nothing to hack!


ZoIDs patent-pending architecture prevents circumvention of its biometric authentication.

Hardware Independent

Driven by software, ZoID is built to work on both smartphones and computers without any modification.

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The team that's building ZoID


Mike Townes

Visionary entrepreneur. Shield America, Talking Cards, Dial 8, Q-Hooks.


VP/Dir. Marketing

Robert Davis

Dynamically agility and deal mastery at the intersection of marketing and technology.



Jim Sinur

Optimization through management and intelligence. Gartner, Global 360, AmEx.


VP/Creative Director

Brian Wittman

Veteran creative asset.'s original CD, prelaunch to IPO.


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